Facts and aspects for buying a balance bike for kids turning 2 and older

Is your kid two years or a bit younger and you are looking for a balance bike for him or her? Relax, in this article we are going to look at balance bikes for kids turning 2 years old. Kids aged two have average height and usually wearing 3T and in most cases they are as tall as 3 year old kids. When choosing a bike for your kid it is quite important to buy one that has a seat height adjustment. Here are the most important facts and aspects that one should bear in mind before buying 2-year-old kid’s bikes.

  • The kids riding a bike is totally a whole new experience and one should be well prepared to handle all their apprehension, trepidation and anticipation.
  • Depending on the age the kid started to walk, some kids may be shaky on their feet due to late walking and in this case a lighter bike is recommended.
  • At this age, kids are trying to develop coordination skills. Buying a balance bike for him will greatly be of assistance in the general development of this skill. Generally, kids start with walking the bike while standing and as times go by they sit and begin to ride little by little. In due course, they get used to riding and one cannot even keep up with them.
  • The legs of the kids are short and due to this factor it is advisable to always measure their inseam. Inseam should be measured when the shoes are on and from the floor to the crotch.
  • Biking is generally fun, but introducing riding to kids may be a daunting task as some may be tentative or hesitate to ride. Don’t be discouraged as this is quite normal with most kids. The best way to go about teaching kids riding should be inviting older children who are acquainted with biking to show the kids the way to ride. This will enhance their interest and eventually soothe their concerns of biking. The result will marvel you, and it is recommended as the best and the fastest way to learn biking.

Since we have briefly looked at the facts and aspects that will help in buying kid’s bikes, here are some of the recommenced balance bikes. The list is endless, but we shall only look at a few. There is a variety of kid’s balance bikes based on various factors such as color and availability, among others.

– The Strider prebike – It is the lightest of all balance bikes and even younger kids can comfortably use it. It has been in the market for a long time.

– Wishbone 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 balance bike – it is a wooden balance bike that is fit for kids younger than 2 years old. The 3-in-1 balanced bike is the most appropriate bike for kids that are not steady in walking.

– The Kinderbike E-Series Air – It is a light bike with air tires.

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